I have seen a Sunflower on Faux Wood all over the place for the last few seasons! Pictures online, printed on plastic at the Dollar Tree and even on really nice wood the Home Store and others! It is time we try our hand at making out own! The nice thing is that you can change the writing to be whatever you want it to be, or nothing at all!

The Blank Canvas

Let’s start with a canvas, I used a 9″ x 12″ wrapped canvas like the ones you get at the craft/art store, Walmart, Target or at Amazon, yes, I am an affiliate. I like inexpensive canvases because I can make more things! So, let’s shop around and get the best price.

Acrylic Paints

You only need inexpensive craft paint! I used the following colors of craft paint but any color and any style acrylic paints will work! Do your thing, do you, be you and make it pleasing to YOU!

The Paint Brushes

I use miscellaneous brushes as you will see and I LOVE the chip brush for the backgrounds, like faux wood and I use my liner brush a LOT too! The filbert is good to fill in the petals and never forget a good scruffy brush when you are painting sunflowers. Using the scruffy for the center of the flower is perfect, just keep reading and I’ll explain how I did it. I used these brushes from Amazon and they are on sale quite often. Then I used this Donna Dewberry One Stroke Paint Brush SCRUFFY BRUSH and I am a certified instructor for One Stroke… but that is for another post…. read on… let’s finish the sunflower!

Misc. Things I Used:

I printed the word BLESSED from my computer on regular printer paper and I made it about 8″ wide because I knew it would fit on the 9″ canvas and be perfect for it.

To make this work I had to get some regular white chalkboard chalk. I got it at Walmart (no affiliate) for less than $1 a box.

Ready to begin

I used a 2″ chip brush from Home Depot to paint the background. I started by dipping the brush into the brown and then into the white. Instead of blending them on the plate I went direct to the canvas. The faux wood look comes from not blending the paints and I simply put the brush down and drug it across the canvas from left to right. I ended up going back and forth to make sure that the brush lines were mostly straight and did NOT blend in! When I was happy with the wood grain look of the white and brown paint I added thin lines to represent the different boards. They were not straight or perfect lines! Just simple lines across the canvas to finish off the wood look. Remember to go around the outside edges too, this way it would like wood if hanging on the wall without a frame.

creating the wood look on canvas

Once it looked how I wanted it was time to let it dry completely because If it was wet the background would blend into the flower and I did not want that.

When starting the flower I always do the inside first and I knew this one was going to be on top of the canvas kind of hanging down over the edge. Using the liner brush I drew the outline of where the center of the flower would be. Then I used the SCRUFFY BRUSH and dipped one side in the black and the other side in the brown.

Loading the brush with a lot of paint is key! This is so much fun! I kept the black side of the brush down against the outline and started pouncing up and down keeping the black on the black so the brown was inside and the black was outside! It makes a perfect outer edge of the flower. I put the print out of the lettering down on the canvas to make sure my flower would not get too big.

It was perfect! Now using the scruffy brush I added was a little burgundy next to the brown and blended just a touch and then dipped in yellow and put bright yellow as the center of the flower. Using the scruffy brush gives in a slight textured look. Then I used the liner brush dipped in yellow paint and started outlining where I wanted my petals to be.

The next steps I did a few time, I just filled them in with yellow and I painted the outline of the smaller petals peaking out between the larger ones.

Using brown I painted around the outside edge and let it dry a bit then paint over the yellow again to brighten it up. I ended up painting three layers on each petal so the it was bright yellow in the middle and blended brown shading on the outside edges of the petals.

The painting was ready for the lettering! The final touch! I knew the carbon paper would be too dark and I wouldn’t be able to see it if I traced the lettering that way so I used chalk instead. I flipped the paper with the letting over and rubbed chalk all over the back of the paper and made sure all the letters were fully covered in chalk.

Then I simply flipped it over, lined it up where I wanted it and, using the round end of a small paint brush, outlined the letters. Voila! I picked up the paper and could see the chalked letters on the canvas!

To finish I used a liner brush and black paint to paint in the letters. Once the letters were completely dry I used a damp brush to wipe away any residual chalk.

Looking for more flowers or painting ideas? Check out my BLOG and YouTube Channel!

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