No Sew Canvas Pumpkins – So Cute!

These darling no sew canvas pumpkins take about 10 minutes to make and are so cute! You can use pretty much any fabric, ribbon, etc. but this is what I used:


Walmart, Hobby Lobby, My yard!

  • Duck Canvas – I got one yard of one color and two of another. It only takes 10″ x 20″ for the ones I made but you can make them any size.
  • Stick – I got mine out of the yard
  • Hot Glue for Fabric
  • Rubber Bands
  • Fiber filling – even from an old pillow!
  • 6″ Burlap Ribbon
  • Twine / Jute

Folding Fabric

Cut the fabric into about a 10″ x 20″ piece. Then take the LONG side and, starting in the middle, gather the fabric from one side to the middle accordion style. Then gather from the other side accordion style, until you have folded the fabric into the middle as one bunch. Rubber band this really tight!

Stem / Side 2

Do the same for the other long side of fabric but this time add the stem. Simply take the stick and lay it down on the outside/right side of the fabric and rubber band it in with the folds.

No Sew Canvas Pumpkin
No Sew Canvas Pumpkin


After I have both ends bound I fold the ends in towards the inside/wrong side of the fabric and then gently pull the other fabric around to almost make the round pumpkin. I hot glue each end first, making sure I hide the rubber bands and ends of the fabric.

No Sew Canvas Pumpkin
No Sew Canvas Pumpkin

Once I finish the ends I stuff the pumpkin with fiber fill or old pillow stuffing.

No Sew Canvas Pumpkin

Time to close it up! The edges should come together fairly easily and just hot glue them together.

Fancy Stuff

Time for the fancy stuff… meaning the leaves and bow. I use the burlap ribbon and cut two leaves out of it. The leaves are very basic and in the shape of footballs. One end I leave about an inch instead of a point to make it easier to glue to the pumpkin. I glue the big end of each one to the pumpkin near the stem.

The Bow

Last thing I do is make a little bow. I do this with 4 pieces of canvas, a different color works great, and 3 strips of the burlap ribbon. I place one piece of fabric down, then ribbon on top and then another canvas strip. Going in another direction, making an X, I layer the canvas and ribbon on top of the first stack.

Tying it up

Then just pinch the ribbons in the middle then wrap and tie a piece of jute in the middle, very tight. There you go! No Sew Canvas Pumpkins!

No Sew Canvas Pumpkin

Finish it up

Once this is done you can fluff the ribbon a little and hot glue it to the top of the pumpkin or stem!

No Sew Canvas Pumpkin
No Sew Canvas Pumpkin

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