Moderna Covid-19

My experience with Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine

Moderna Vaccine – Round One

I’m a healthy 50 something year old female that had no worries about getting the Covid-19 vaccine so I wanted to write about my experience with Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine. I figured that my 87 and 92 year old parents got it and I needed to get it just to make sure I wouldn’t have a chance of passing it on to them if I was ever a carrier. With the decision made, my husband and I made an appointment to get the vaccine once they opened it up to 50+. The local church has a huge event venue and it worked just perfectly for getting people in and out. I could not believe how easy and efficient it was! I went in the front door and they grabbed my temperature real quick and sent me on to a line of tables with computers on them and volunteers running the check in. I gave them my driver’s license and in about 1 minute they gave me my license and a card that showed I had received the first of two Moderna vaccines with date and location. Then they shuffled us down a hall to the right and into a huge room with 10 stations set up for 2 people at each station. The monitor at the door said “Station 5 please” I went down to station 5, pulled up my sleeve, sat down in the chair, said hello, got the shot and I was shuffled to a large room with chairs 6 feet apart to relax for 10 minutes and make sure I didn’t have any reaction. Bam! Done! Easy!
They warned me about possible swelling and bruising at the vaccination site on my upper arm, but I truly had zero issues. Well, with the FIRST round….

Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine, Round Two

So, I had heard that the second vaccine could be a little uncomfortable, my parents had gone through theirs and Dad had no issues while Mom was tired for about 36 hours afterwards. Okay, I could handle sleeping for a couple of days!

It begins

For 12 hours after the vaccine I felt great. Maybe a little sore around the actual injection site but other than that all was good At about 11:00pm I started to feel a little chilled. Okay, time for bed anyway so I’ll get warmed up in bed. I noticed the vaccination site was really hot and swollen so my husband put some Biofreeze on the spot to cool it off and help loosen that muscle. By Midnight I was in full fever mode. I was shaking the entire bed. My husband got up and covered me with several heavy blankets but there was no getting warm. At this point I felt like ice was in my veins, my body was shaking so bad it was rocking the bed and my teeth were chattering so much I had to clench my teeth to keep them from making so much noise. At that point, everything was cold, everything hurt and I was, quite literally, begging God to take me away. Yes, I was beyond miserable. I was running a high fever and shaking uncontrollably. This lasted until about 3:00 am and I started to shake less and less and my veins defrosting. I really needed to get out of bed. I don’t know why because my husband would do everything for me but something made me move. Oh my goodness. My entire body hurt so bad! I managed to walk to the kitchen for water and I felt something strange in my mouth. I spit it out into my hand and it was a piece of my tooth! Yes! I had clinched my teeth so hard I broke off a piece of tooth from my back molar! I put it in a baggy and went back to bed. I was hoping I could sleep since I was not freezing any more.

Phase Two

I was asleep for about 20 minutes when I woke up feeling like my skin had a sunburn. No just in one place but all over my body. It got worse quickly and I felt like I had 3rd degree burns from head to toe within a half hour. Everything hurt with every movement, every piece of clothing, blankets… everything. Period. I couldn’t believe it. Just let me die already! The pain was so bad, anything touching my skin was like something rubbing on a third degree burn (I’ve had one before and I know exactly what it feels like). I got out of bed thinking I needed to walk around. Amazing what you will think when you feel so bad. The bottom of my feet hurt too! It was like walking on a bad sunburn on the bottom of my feet. I was just in tears. This HAD to stop. I took some more Tylenol, it had been 4 hours since my husband gave it to me for my fever. I went back to bed and just moved as little as possible and finally got to sleep. I was asleep off and on for the next couple of hours. When I finally woke up at about 7:00am I was feeling better, my skin was tingly but not painful. I knew this was the end of it, I’d be able to move on with my day and start feeling better. Phew! But, Moderna was not done yet!

Phase Three

As I sat up in bed my head felt like it was stuffed with cotton and as I moved my arm to touch my forehead I felt it. The pain of being beaten with a baseball bat (nope, don’t know what it feels like, but I assume it is something like I was feeling this morning). The pain was, again, unbelievable. When will this END?! Enough already! I started to get out of bed, every single muscle hurt. I was walking hunched over so that I didn’t have to disturb the muscles in my back, maybe I could keep some of them asleep and less painful! Hahaha. That didn’t work well either. I could not believe how bad I felt. I took some more Tylenol and went back to bed. I laid as still as possible so that my muscles wouldn’t hurt. No such luck, they just hurt all the time. I finally got some sleep and woke up at about 11:00 am. I didn’t feel great but I sure felt better! Thank goodness! Maybe it was finally over! Done! Ha! Moderna just laughed and laughed.

Phase Four

I made it through the day, sitting on the couch and not doing anything. My husband took care of me, fed me, made sure I drank water and kept asking if it was time to go to the hospital. I was like “Nope. I think its done” Bwahahahaha We ate a light dinner that he cooked for me. He is a wonderful husband by the way. And went to bed at about 10:00 pm. It was good, my soreness was better, no ice in the veins, etc. At about 1:00 am I woke up shaking and crying because I was sooo cold AGAIN! Blankets and Tylenol. Again. I was so over this vaccine!! Never, ever, ever again. I had 103 degree fever, was miserable and just crying. I finally got some sleep at about 3:00 am. I woke again at 5:00 am feeling so much better. I knew I was better because I was hot and had to remove blankets. I reached over to get my water and my muscles were not screaming. Wow. Okay! This is awesome! Wait. Let’s not get too excited… Hahaha


I got some water, walked around the house and went back to bed. My fever was gone! My muscles didn’t hurt! I could walk straight up! My skin wasn’t on fire! How exciting! I got about 4 hours sleep and woke up feeling like a new person. Phew! Amazing!

If you have taking Moderna or any others and have a store please let me know. I know very few people that have had trouble with the shot, but nothing like this. I look forward to hearing how others did!