Murphy’s Oil Soap is not just for furniture or hardwood floors, it can also deep clean your paint brushes and may even save some that you thought you would have to throw away!

I use the bottle that actually states OIL SOAP. The other Murphy products may be the same thing, but I haven’t wanted to ruin brushes trying to find out!

This miracle brush cleaner is so powerful and easy to use! I simply lay my brush into a paper bowl and pour some Murphy’s Oils Soap over my bristles. I am sure I use WAY too much, but hey, I want to make sure it gets clean!

I lightly scrub, rub and stir my brush in the oil soap until it seams like the soap has penetrated the bristles and it kind of thickens the oil soap and makes bubbles in the bottom of the bowl. If there is dried paint in the brush the oil will turn colors, sometimes just a dull gray.

Then just leave them. I leave them to soak for a couple of hours at least. I left the brushes that had dried on paint soak overnight.

Wash the brush in cold water and a drop of Dawn Dish Soap and voila! A clean and soft paint brush!