This Holiday Wood Garland is so quick and so fun I may be making a LOT of garland in the future! I also kept a few of my favorite pieces out and used them in my Tiered Tray! I love something that can be used in multiple places! Don’t you?

All the pieces

All you need are some very basic and inexpensive items. I purchased some from the Dollar Tree and other from Amazon but these items are usually at Walmart and other local stores!

  • Mod Podge
  • Brush to put Mod Podge on Wood
  • Holiday or other Paper Napkin of your choosing (I got mine here:
  • Wood Tags or other shapes. (I got mine here:
  • Scissors

Get started

Separate the layers of napkin so that the decorative portion is only one layer. I chose what part of the napkin I wanted to have on my wood tag first. Then I cut it out a bit so it was easier to manage.

Mod Podge

I painted Mod Podge on the front of the wood tag with a brush and covered the whole tag, especially the outside edges as I wanted it to stay really well.


I placed the napkin where I wanted it on the tag, be careful, the Mod Podge grabs it quick! Then cut around the outer edge so that there is not much to burn.

Ready to Burn the Edges

I used a pair of grabber things in the kitchen to hold my tag with the glued napkin.

Time to burn the edges.

I did this part over the sink because I wanted to have water handy just in case! I used a lighter and lit the outside edge a little at a time. It burned off quick and smooth!

Final touch

Once I liked the look I simply rubbed the outer edges a little to get the black off and then I painted the back and edges with Burnt Orange craft paint. Then I put a nail through the hole at the top of each tag (just to punch through the napkin) and hung it with some twine. I left a few individual ones for my Tiered Tray as well! What do you think?