Framing a painting is truly easy and I did not necessarily like the frame I got from Hobby Lobby. I did, however, like the price! It had been reduced from $12 to $2.50! Who could resist that price? I know, I know, I’m going broke saving money! Ha!

Frame from Hobby Lobby and my latest painting

If the frame fits…

Well, the frame definitely fit my latest painting that I did and one that I really liked. Fortunately, I painted it on a canvas board hoping it would be good enough to frame. Now, what to do with it? Paint it and have to strip and stain it? What color stain or paint? Ahhhh! I had so many ideas!

Deciding on a color

Mom was always good at things like this so I asked her opinion and she told ne blue. So, I decided on a blue shade that was in the background of the painting. Easy. I just paint it with acrylic paint and a little brush (I got may brushes here – at my affiliate). No primer, no nothing. Love the easy stuff! I took the glass and set it aside as I wouldn’t be putting it back on, No glass on a painting. yikes! If you do, make sure it is not touching the painting or the painting may stick to the glass and it will all be ruined over time.

Painting the Frame Blue

Finger Painting!

Once I got it painted it blue it just seemed so flat and I decided to finger paint it! Taking a little white craft paint I used my finger and just kind of painted it in random spots. Nothing too bright because it was spread thin by using my finger. I loved it!

Finger painting the outside of the frame with a little white.

The finishing touches

The frame was ready for my painting! I simply slid the painting in, instead of the glass, and pushed the little metal tabs down directly on the back of the painting. Easy Peasy and DONE!

Painted frame with my latest painting “Love Blooms Here”

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