Cute DYI Easter Decor

This Easter Egg Decor is SO quick, cute, easy, fun and inexpensive that I wanted to share it with you! All supplies for this Easter Egg Decor came from a quick trip to Walmart and I used an extra dowel rod from my Valentine and Easter Hot Air Balloon

Supplies I used:

  • Small Clay Pot
  • Glitter Deco Egg from Easter area, pull ribbon from egg before use!
  • Moss
  • A little piece of styrofoam (6″ or so)
  • Paint to match egg or ribbon
  • Ribbons and/or raffia

Easy to put together

I painted one of the pots with Pink Chalk Paint. This literally took about 5 minutes because I did not make it perfect and the paint dried almost immediately. I painted the dowel rod green to look like a stem, you could also use a stick from your own yard! I purchased the small piece of styrofoam, about 6″ long, and just cut it into thirds and put one piece into the bottom of the painted pot. Just push the dowel rod into the styrofoam and the other end into the egg.

After I got it all together I put the moss over the styrofoam and wrapped raffia around the top of the pot. On the second one I put together I used a simple stacked ribbon that matched egg and paint on pot.

Easy Peasy! And soooo CUTE!

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