This super cute Easter Balloon is made just like the Valentine’s Day Balloon! Why only have it for one holiday? After all, it is soooo stinkin’ cute! Let’s make it an Easter Balloon too!

Step One – Painted Dowels

Items I used for these Easter Balloons were all from Walmart!

  • Easter Baskets – Small square – I removed the ribbon handle
  • Wooden Dowels – Multicolor – I used 4 for each basket
  • Ribbons – I used 3 colors
  • Flowers – I used a stem of 5 white flowers and used 4 flowers for each basket
  • Basket filler – I used the paper shreds
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • White paint
  • Paper lanterns – I found mine in the wedding section at Walmart

I started with bright multicolored dowels that I got at Walmart. When I painted them white just enough of the dowel color showed through that it looked like I painted then all different soft pastel colors!

Step Two – Ribbon and dowels

I chose ribbon that would match the baskets I found and cut each ribbon twice the length of the dowel. I hot glued the dowel in the middle of the ribbons, wrapped the ribbons once around the dowel and glued again. Putting sone hot glue in the corner of the basket and on the dowel I was able to secure the dowels into each corner.

Step Three – Flowers

I pulled four white flowers from the stem and cut the tip of the stem from the flower because it would help the flower lay flatter on the dowel and ribbon. Then I just hot glued one flower on the top of each dowel and ribbon facing outward.

Step Four – Paper Lantern

Popping up the paper lantern and place it on top of the dowels is fun! This time I decided to hot glue the paper lantern to each dowel so that I could hang it and the lantern wouldn’t come off.

Step Five – Finish up!

Because I wanted to hang these little baskets I used about 36″ of fishing line and put one end through the hole on the basket (left by removing ribbon handle) and tied it in a knot similar to a fishing hook. I ran it over the metal stabilizer on lantern and put the other end through the other hole and tied a knot. Then I put a small piece of ribbon in the middle of the fishing line ‘hanger’ so that I could find the hanger! Fishing line is so hard to see!

Viola! We are done! What do you think? Sooooo cute! Right?!

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