This cute framed bunny is based on something that Brooke with Re-Fabbed came up with. I couldn’t find what she used on her cute framed bunny but I wanted to make one of my own and it turned out so cute!

On a previous post I showed how to make the reverse canvas so that the canvas looks framed. I wanted to add something to the reverse canvas so off to the Dollar Tree I went!

I purchased an Easter sign with a metal bunny attached, a garland of carrots, some ribbon and a few other things (that I did not use).

First I removed the bunny from the Easter sign. This was super easy as it is barely glued to the sign.

Then I hot glued the bunny onto the reverse canvas that I previously made. I took some yellow ribbon and, using stick glue, glued it to the frame. I cut it into four pieces so that the corners would match the cut of the frame.

I got the garland of carrots, which is perfect for this! I cut the carrots off the rope so they were individual.

With hot glue I attached three carrots to a corner and put a couple more randomly on the frame.

I think it turned out great! Does it need anything more?

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