Cute Cotton Flowers

Cute Cotton Flowers made from cotton face rounds is one of the easiest and cutest flower crafts! I absolutely love flowers in the Spring and enjoy making decorations to place all around my home, don’t you? And it gives me that warm fresh new start feeling!

The season that runs March through June (for most of us) is a fantastic season with mild temperatures, fresh air, new growth in grass, flowers, blooming trees etc. It just has to be my favorite time of year. But ask me again in October, I may change my favorite to Winter….. Ha!

Things I used

For these Cute Cotton Flowers I went to Walmart and picked up a package of round, cotton, face wipes that were 88 cents, grabbed some white mini cotton balls in the wedding section for about 1.25 and an egg color kit that included the plastic cups. I had Elmer’s glue, transparent thread and large needles at home. I use the large needles because I can’t see the little ones! LOL

Mixing it Up!

I mixed the egg dye in each cup according to directions and set them aside. Then I dipped the white cotton rounds in and squeezed them out. Some I left in a little longer and it did make them a bit darker. I squeezed them out and placed them on some parchment paper to dry. When I made several at a time it was hard to separate them when they are wet! But, I just did best I could and was happy with them being different thickness.

Cute Cotton Flowers
Easter Egg Dye Kit with Cups
Cute Cotton Flowers
Cotton Rounds dipped in Easter Egg Dye and drying on Parchment paper.

I did press some paper towels down on the dyed cotton because I thought it would help soak up water but they do tend to stick to the paper towels. If you do this craft make sure and lift the towels slowly.

Basting (with thread)

Next I loaded up the needle with the transparent thread and basted across the bottom of 5 rounds, one after the other, with the same line of thread.

Cute Cotton Flowers

Once all 5 pieces were basted on the same thread line, I carefully pulled the line tight through all 5 pieces and kind of worked them into a circle as they got close together. I went ahead and sewed a knot under the flower through a few of the rounds. Just to keep it snug.

Cute Cotton Flowers

The final touch was to add the mini white cotton ball to the center with a touch of Elmer’s Glue. And…..

Cute Cotton Flowers

Voila! Cute Easter Flowers!

Cute Cotton Flowers

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  1. I’m going to try these flowers. I think they’ll be a great component in a framed craft idea I’ve been wanting to try.

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