Bee Craft DYI

Check out this cute little Crafty Bee that I made with some Dollar Tree and Walmart items! Why? Because I like Bees and these were so quick and fun to make! I started my Crafty Bee by getting the following items from Dollar Tree and Walmart:

  • Wind Spinner (Yellow and Black) (Dollar Tree)
  • Pie Tins (3 for $1) (Dollar Tree)
  • Black Acrylic Paint (Dollar Tree)
  • Black Pipe Cleaners (Walmart)
  • Small Cotton Balls (Walmart)
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors

Starting with the wind spinner, I pulled the black and yellow striped pieces off of the part that spins around. They come out very easily and no tools needed.

I put six cotton balls in black acrylic paint, squeezed out the excess and let them dry.

The Black Pipe Cleaners will become the entanae for the Crafty Bee. I cut a piece about 3″ long, folded it in the middle and placed the fold where the two metal pieces meet in front of the black and yellow striped pieces. Then I simply hot glued it and then bent the outer edges to resemble entanae.

Now I took a pie tin and cut two wing shapes out of the bottom of one then glued them where the black pipe cleaner was glued.

Using one of the dried black cotton balls I hot glued it over where the black pipe cleaner and wings were glued to the black and yellow striped piece.

Crafty Bee

Viola! Done! One Cute Crafty Bee! This make SIX of them!

I think it would be cute to get them mounted back on the stick and watch them spin around! What is your idea with these cute little guys?

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