This started with the Crafty Bee and ended up being the Crafty Bee and More. The More is because I added things to the Bee to make an entire decorative area on my table. How funny, something so small led to creating an entire area!

The Crafty Bee and More cost less than $10 to make and all items came from Dollar Tree and Walmart and it was soooo easy!

First, I used the Crafty Bee that you can find on my blog page HERE.

Second, I made the picture out of an old frame from the Dollar Store, some scrap paper the I already had, the bee from my blog and some burlap roses from the Dollar Store. Oh, and a Sharpie! I used some Modge Podge that I purchased at the Dollar Tree and applied the paper to the cardboard insert of the frame. Once it was dry I wrote Happy on the page and put it low so that I could apply the bee with some hot glue above it.

Lastly, I used some hot glue to attach the burlap roses to the outside bottom of the frame and then placed it in front of the tiered tray I made out of Dollar Tree items! (Directions coming soon!)

Voila! Done! So darn easy and cute! Give it a try and post it on our Social Media Pages Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

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