Oh my goodness! These Coffee Filter Roses are so easy and fun to make! You’ll love how they look in your home, regardless if you paint them, stain with coffee or leave them white, they will all be lovely! I decided to make my first set red, white and blue for Memorial day and July 4th, because both holidays are coming up soon. I got the instructions from Barb over at The Shabby Tree, I just love her!

Which Coffee Filters

The round ones are the best, as a matter of fact they are the only ones I have ever used. Of course, this is my first attempt at these lovely roses and I can’t wait to make a bunch of them. Some things just really jump out at me and these are one of those things.

Round Coffee Filter Flower

Folding the Coffee Filter

Folding the coffee filter is super easy. You can tell from this flower that it is a little different looking, that is because I did not flatten the filter. You really should flatten the filter! Anyway…. you’ll fold the filter in half, in half again and one more time! See the pictures below for the folds.

Time to Cut the Filter

Now time to cut it! the first filter only gets cut around the point. Cut a half moon shape about 1/2″ up from the tip of the filter. On the second and third filters cut the tip the same way and cut the points off the larger end so it is kind of rounded. Open all three of the coffee filters and cut a small piece out of each one so that they are not connected circles. See the pictures below.

Making the Center

Now comes the fun part! Using the first coffee filter with just the tip cut off, attach a little piece of the filter (near the small hole) to a stick with hot glue. Slowly wrap the filter around the stick loosely. You’ll want to use the hot glue at about every turn so that the flower stays together. This is the center of the rose.

Wrapping the Rose

Take one of the two remaining filters and glue it to the center of the rose. Wrap it loosely around the stick and other filter and bend the top back a little bit every other curve as you glue it, this will give the rose some fluff. Do the same with the third filter and you are done!

Finished Coffee Filter Rose

And here is the final look! I added red, blue and pink!

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