This Antique Scoop decor DIY is so much fun and sooo easy to do! I found an example over on The Shabby Tree and decided to try it myself! We are in the middle of rebuilding/decorating or Bunkhouse after Snowmageddon and I want to try and decorate it all with inexpensive DIY decor. I am not a crafter so this truly is a big challenge for me! If you want to see the house rebuild you can find it on my blog HERE

Look at this and tell me it isn’t cute! Well, maybe it isn’t for everyone, but it was so fun to create and I will love making something to go inside too.

DIY Antique Scoop

I had an old grease screen that we used when making bacon or sausage in a pan. I washed it off really well, they come clean so easily. This one had a couple of small tears around the edge so we had to get a new one anyway.

Searching through my scrap fabric I found some white cotton. Then I got mad at myself for using white when I really could have used any ugly color of old fabric! Lesson learned!

I laid the screen on the material and cut two pieces a little larger than the screen.

Measuring fabric to cover grease screen

The best glue to use, in my opinion, is the got glue for fabric. This stuff really works! I used the fabric hot glue and went around the edge of the screen on one side then I flipped it over and did the same thing on the other side. Once I was done I simply used the hot glue to glue together the places I missed. When I was all done, there was no screen showing through on the outside edges. Then, I just cut the glued fabric a little closer to the screen and a little more even.

Gluing the fabric to the screen with fabric glue.

Once I did this I bent the screen to get the shape I wanted. It does bend super easy and I had to redo it several times, but it worked out great and I got the shape I wanted in the end. Deco Art (not affiliated) dark brown paint on top of the fabric made it look totally antique and like wood. It took quite a bit of paint because it soaked into the cotton, but that was part of the great finish that it gave. Once the main part was done I kind of tapped on the sides to cover every little bit of white I saw. It really made the edges look great!

Using Dark Brown Paint to give the wood look.

I couldn’t leave the handle black and silver so I used some thick Jute and wrapped it around the handle. I used hot glue in various places to make sure it stayed. On the end I just kind of laid it across and hot glued it, then I cut it off and had a nice rope handle.

The finished look with Jute around the handle.

To finish it up I sprinkled Cinnamon all over it and kind of tapped it in with my brush. Where the paint was still damp the Cinnamon just stayed and I left it as it looked rusty and natural. The Cinnamon gave it a great finished look and smelled good too!

Using Cinnamon for the rusty finished antique look

Once everything was dry I had a great Antique Scoop to decorate with! If you make this yourself please let me know! You can post pictures on my Facebook page!

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